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Christmas Events in Lucca, Italy

Christmas 2023 in Lucca, Italy

During the Christmas holidays, the Tuscan city of Lucca fills up with events, concerts and many other initiatives for adults and children!

This year the municipal administration organized a calendar full of unmissable events throughout the entire territory of the municipality of Lucca, so that we can celebrate this joyous period together.
Tourists will love spending the days between November 28 and January 6 in Lucca: magical markets, lights, and fantastic events to experience, for a Christmas full of love and fun.

Lucca, between nativity scenes and markets

You cannot miss the beautiful nativity scenes in Lucca this year! The architect Michel Boucquillon created a magical nativity scene in San Michele square, and you also can find a large exhibition of nativities and a market-exhibition called “Presepi e figurinai” under the Loggia of Pretorio Palace.

On the other hand, you will find traditional plaster nativity scenes from the ancient Barsanti factory that takes place at the Ducale Palace.

There are also all the nativity scenes set up in the various churches of Lucca and its province. These visits are an opportunity to understand more about the art and history behind religious building construction in Lucca. For example, the historic nativity scene of the Baroque church of Santa Maria Nera takes place from December 11th to January 8th.

A special mention for the Living Nativity in Barga (December 23) and the Living Nativity in Ruota (December 26): two characteristic hillside villages are transformed into a small Bethlehem thanks to the nativity play.
In addition, you can take a walk through the streets, walls, and squares of Lucca’s old town decorated with installations, trees, and wonderful Christmas markets and lights.

Christmas concerts 2023 in Lucca

The city of Puccini certainly cannot go through the Christmas season without concerts!

From November 28 to December 22 there will be the famous Puccini days, the festival that spreads the incredible works of the famous composer.

The concert “La musica degli angeli e dei pastori” (The Music of Angels and Shepherds) will be staged at the Villa Guinigi National Museum on December 16.

The churchyard of San Paolino Church will host a concert of Christmas music from the European and Northern European tradition on December 19.

On the evening of December 23, the Christmas greetings concert awaits us at the Teatro del Giglio, where we can also return on December 31 for the New Year’s Concert and on January 1 for an afternoon concert by the theater orchestra.

On the other hand, if we wish for an outdoor concert there will be a lot of music, guests, lights, and fun in the main square on December 31.

In addition, San Francesco Church will host 3 concerts during the holidays:

  • Cori in concerto (Choirs in concert), December 3 
  • Christmas concert of Alice Benvenuti Onlus, December 9 
  • Christmas concert of Filarmonica Gaetano Luporini, December 17

Events for Epiphany 2024 in Lucca

Epiphany is a great time to celebrate too! 

The Valle dei Presepi (Valley of the Nativity scenes) is a special initiative that involves 5 municipalities to enhance the territory of the province of Lucca with music, theatre, and markets.
But above all, the Befana comes to Barga on January 5-6! Children wait for this old lady in the center of Barga on January 5, and they go together through the town singing traditional songs. The Befana brings presents to the children, and they celebrate with entertainment, mulled wine, and typical cookies throughout the evening in the main square of the town. You can also visit the Befana’s house in Pegnana during the next day.

Other events in Lucca during the Christmas time

There are also some exhibitions you cannot miss during these holidays:

  • Antonio Canova and Neoclassicism (from December 7)
  • WorldPress Photo (through December 17)
  • Video Thinking. Drawing and Electronic Arts (through January 7)
  • Onirica (through December 14)

If you would like to discover the city with an expert guide, you can take advantage of a guided tour through Lucca through January 7.
And you can also discover the Magical Christmas at Villa Reale in Marlia: games, animations, attractions, lights, and good food in Santa Clous’ village during the weekends of December 8-10 and 16-17.

What are you waiting for? Let’s come to visit Lucca and Tuscany during the holiday season, the Antica Bifore Guest House is waiting for you in the old town of Lucca! Let’s be fascinated by all the events scheduled for Christmas 2023 and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of this beautiful city.