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Ideas for spending New Year’s Eve 2024 in Tuscany

New Year's Eve 2024

Have you ever thought of spending New Year’s Eve in Italy, maybe in the beautiful Tuscany

Italy offers so many ideas and opportunities to celebrate with family and friends: you can experience a lot of free events and concerts, or you can travel to a farmhouse for a weekend of full relaxation and a typical New Year’s Eve dinner.
You can find the main initiatives for New Year’s Eve 2023 here! But we would like to start with some funny anecdotes about Italian traditions for this special day.

How Italians celebrate New Year’s Eve: some funny traditions

Do you know all the funny and little weird Italian traditions of New Year’s Eve?

  • The open window: a lot of people open the window of a dark room before midnight. This would allow evil spirits and negative energies to be driven out, and the air to be purified.
  • Red underwear: red has always been associated with power, health, and fertility, and it’s considered a kind of luck charm. That’s why Italians always wear something red during the New Year’s Eve and it’s usually the underwear.
  • Lentils and pomegranate: lentils symbolize money because of their shape, and pomegranate is a symbol of longevity, fertility, and wealth. They cannot be missed during the typical Italian New Year’s Eve dinner!
  • Throwing away old objects: this is a typical custom of the smallest towns where people usually throw away or break old things to say goodbye to the past and embrace the future. So be careful… and stay away from the windows!

New Year’s Eve 2023 in Italy: the most beautiful events

If you want to spend the night out, you must know that all the Italian cities host many events and free concerts with the most beloved artists of the country. In addition, the Christmas and festive atmosphere welcome a lot of adults and children ready to celebrate this magical day.

Rome will offer the extraordinary concert in the Circus Maximus with Blanco, Lazza and Francesca Michielin.

The voice of the Italian popstar Elodie will enchant Palermo.
There will also be a big concert in Naples with The Kolors, and another great event in Cagliari with Marco Mengoni.

New Year’s Eve 2023 in Tuscany: concerts in Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Lucca

Tuscany is a fabulous destination for those who wish to indulge in a New Year’s Eve trip. Every year the main cities in the region organize lots of events, parties, and concerts to wait for midnight and to toast to the new year.

One of the best cities is certainly Florence. You can enjoy the bigger concert in Piazza della Signoria with the Italian singer Diodato, but you can find a lot of squares involved in the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Piazza Santissima Annunziata will host a jazz concert.
Piazza San Giovanni will host gospel choirs.
Piazza Santa Croce will host the Orchestra of Toscana Classica.
Piazza del Carmine will host the pop orchestra of Anfiteatro 2010.

Siena is another perfect idea!
The beautiful Piazza del Campo will be totally immersed in a typical Christmas atmosphere, and it will host the main concert with the Italian singer Emma Marrone on December 31.

And what about Pisa and its Leaning Tower? The main squares of the old town come alive with concerts and musical events every year on New Year’s Eve. The biggest concert will be in Piazza dei Cavalieri both on December 30 and 31: two nights of free music with Italian artists and DJs.
The biggest concert will be in Piazza dei Cavalieri both on December 30 and 31: two nights of free music with Italian artists and DJs.

At the same time, Lucca will host a great free concert in Piazza Santa Maria. But Lucca also hides a little curiosity. People celebrate a “double” New Year’s Eve here: the first one is celebrated with the “official” midnight; the second one takes place eighteen minutes and one second after. That’s because the time in Lucca is calculated by following the transit of the sun on the historic sundial located on the famous Torre delle Ore in the old town.

Let’s book the perfect New Year’s Eve in Tuscany and enjoy the Christmas spirit that characterizes this charming region every year. Antica Bifore Guest House is waiting for you in the heart of Lucca’s old town: the hotel is an ideal starting point to discover the beauty of the city and all the surrounding area.